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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

These are the best nine images of my @justSEAsick Instagram account so far.

When I started Instagramming in 2017, I wanted to show my friends all these amazing critters I saw while diving at the Great Barrier Reef.

So I started to post one or two photos every day. It was a great new hobby and I really enjoyed it. But what I really didn't expect was, how much work and how much time this new hobby would end up taking of me. I already knew that people like looking at images, but if they can read some unusual and interesting facts about the critter on the photo they look at, it engages them even more. So I quickly realised, that if I wanted to make it work, I had to generate interesting and engaging content for my daily posts.

After not even a year, my images have been liked over 50.000 times...

This really is a big thing for me! It means that more than 50.000 times, someone has looked at one of my photos and that I was able to create an interaction with a person and engages this person with the beautiful underwater world.

I assume that most people will never get to see this world with their own eyes. Maybe this is because they can not afford to go to places like the Great Barrier Reef or maybe because they just don't like to stick their head underwater and open their eyes.

Whichever reason it might be... I decided to bring the beautiful underwater world a little bit closer to all these people who don't want to get wet...

The difference is that I love getting wet and so I am capturing these moments for those who don't.

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